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Family and Friends Exclusive Cruises

Available June, July and August

Cruising and discovering Fiordland while living on-board our comfy vessel ‘Affinity’ with your family and friends, a relaxing holiday where all of you can do as little or as much as you like, while we cruise enjoying sunset nibbles, BBQs, home-style cooked meals and everything else taken care of (dishes etc), take some time to read a book, play some board games, definitely fishing.  Interesting and flexible itineraries to cater to special requests by our passengers.

The daily itinerary will be discussed each evening for the next day between the Skipper and the Group organiser.

We will not add any other people to this cruise.

Raw, dramatic beauty, sheer towering cliffs, glass like water and roaring waterfalls inspire.  Visit Astronomers Point and travel in the historical footsteps of Captain Cook.  Cruise through Doubtful, Breaksea, and Dusky Sounds, Pigeon Island, Anchor Island, or explore Preservation Inlet and Chalky Inlet.

The choice is up to you!

All walks are optional, you may wish to stay on board and relax, there may be a shorter walk option that would suit you better.   Please understand you are responsible for your own safety and actions during these unguided walks.


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Fishing, Hunting and Diving Exclusive Cruises

A bad day Fishing, Hunting and Diving is better than a day in the office!

Fishing:  In Fiordland the typical species that you find down there are groper and blue cod. We have caught some huge fish over the years and the crew know where the great groper holes are.  There is basic fishing gear onboard, but you are welcome to bring your own gear along.

Hunting: To hunt in Fiordland all hunters will need to obtain a hunting permit from D.O.C, you will also need to show your permits to the skipper of the vessel.

Dive gear:  Divers need to bring their own dive gear and dive tanks need to be filled before you come on board.

Cruising in Fiordland is SPECTACULAR! As it would be an Exclusive Cruise the daily itinerary will be flexible.  The Skipper will discuss with you all what you would like to do on a day to day basis taking into account the weather and time available.  There are also many places of interest ashore to see and explore and a daily itinerary would be discussed with the skipper each evening to complement your Exclusive Cruise.

The vessel also has a good amount of freezer space to enable you to take your catch home with you

Once you have a month and number of days we can provide you with a more in-depth quote.

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