We felt we were dealing with a company that really cared about its customers.

Fishing while the snow fell, and catching a few. The walks and the massive mountains are memories that we will treasure for a long time.

Brian’s knowledge of the history and the surrounding area helped us appreciate the life that the early settlers must have had.

Seeing a humpback whale was for the first time was definitely a bonus.

Cruise Fiordland
July to August

When you travel to Fiordland, you are visiting one of the most dramatic and beautiful parts of New Zealand!

The extraordinary beauty of Fiordland was recognised by the United Nations in 1986 when it was made a World Heritage Area. The Fiordland National Park was described as having “superlative natural phenomena” and “outstanding examples of… the earth’s evolutionary history”.

Fiordland’s west coast is deeply indented by 14 fiords spanning 215 kilometres of coastline. We focus our cruises further south than the more visited Milford Sound.

Doubtful Sound (also known as the “sound of silence”) is the second largest and 3 times longer than Milford. We also cruise Dusky Sound which is the largest at 40 kilometres long and eight kilometres wide. Captain Cook noted its entrance during his first voyage to New Zealand in 1770. On his second visit he established workshops and an observatory which we visit.

Fiordland National Park is the largest in New Zealand, at almost 10,000 square kilometres. Its Jurassic pristine glacial carved valleys are breathtakingly majestic, during this unique cruise you are highly likely to see fur seals, crested penguin’s, dolphins and maybe even whales.

The top 3 metres of the water is fresh due to rain and melting snow. With the salt underneath, it’s crystal clear. Rain washes through the leaf litter on the forest floors and into the fiords, staining the surface water a dark tea colour. Some say the environment below the water is as unique as the landscape above.

This vast remote deep wilderness enclosed by giant moss-covered gnarled trees, towering waterfalls and steep cliff faces just cannot be put into words. Surrounded by ancient native bush, the area is uninhabited… and let’s not forget the world-class fishing.

All walks are optional – you may wish to just stay on board and relax.

Our vessel Affinity is ideally suited for getting up close to waterfalls and shore lines, providing guests with world-class photo opportunities. We serve hearty Kiwi-style meals for our small groups, often supplemented with freshly caught seafood. You will enjoy your own private cosy cabin to retreat to at the end of your adventure packed days.

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