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We Care

At Affinity Cruises we believe we’re very privileged to operate in 3 amazing cruising locations. We encourage our staff and each-and-every cruising passenger to respect and care for these environments. By doing so, our natural resources will be available for future generations to discover and enjoy.

We design our cruise itineraries to ensure our cruising passenger get the most from the area with minimal impact on the environment and their wallets. In the Marlborough Sounds most cruises will start on the afternoon that the passengers leave home meaning no additional accommodation is required pre- or post-cruise, as the itinerary is also designed to enable passengers to head back home on the day the cruise finishes.

On the Vessel

In 2012 we installed a new Scania engine. Scania has always been at the forefront in the development and production of environmentally safe engines. They have made great progress in reducing harmful exhaust emissions to meet stringent emission standards, without compromising the high quality of Scania marine engines in terms of performance and cost-effective operation.

Fuel efficiency is a priority, with set itineraries that ensure sensible fuel usage and therefore reduced emissions.

We use an environmentally-approved paint system on the hull of our vessel that is designed to reduce drag through the water and save fuel.

All cleaning products used on-board are environmentally-friendly.

We reduce waste as much as we can as all waste is required to go back ashore for recycling.

Passengers are encouraged to bring a water bottle on all cruises and refill their bottle on-board each day.

Cruising in Fiordland — a World Heritage Park with outstanding natural values — requires us to follow strict guidelines as per our consent to operate in this pristine area, to ensure the continued protection in this remote location.

Prior to arriving in Fiordland each year, we are required to take the vessel out of the water to clean-inspect the hull for any unwanted pests or weeds.

We also monitor the number of fish that are caught, kept or returned to the sea. In all 3 locations, we fish for the plate (not the freezer) on our scenic cruises.

We believe in supporting local businesses and prefer to buy local produce when available. In the past we have also supported Marlborough Hospice, Life Flight, Renwick Primary School and Renwick Rugby Club.