Information on Stewart Island

Did you know that only 2% of Stewart Island is lived upon or has any roads, therefore being based on a vessel like Affinity you are able to explore the rest of this magical remote island in comfort.

In 2002 the very qualities that make Stewart Island a place to treasure were recognised by the formation of the Rakiura National Park, which comprises 85% of the Island.  Those who live on the island permanently value it's special qualities - clear, clean waters, the lush rainforest, sweeping sands, flora and fauna and the unspoilt natural beauty that are part of their lives.

Explore some of the many golden un-spoilt beaches, discover the history of the island and learn of early whaling days, fish for blue cod.  Ramble about the village & gift shops, meet the many colourful and interesting locals, visit Ulva Island bird sanctuary and enjoy some of the great walks amongst the birds on this beautiful island.

Visit Port Adventure and see the golden sands and pristine clear waters with dolphins that lead the way and seabirds to keep you company. If you are an early riser you may see the aurora australis and in the evening beautiful coloured sunsets.  With Stewart Island being the most southern tip of New Zealand you are able to look out over the ocean knowing that Antarctica is the next big land mass.  

Whether you are from New Zealand or a traveller from further afield Stewart Island offers a very special cruising experience.  Travel the unspoilt waters surrounding Stewart Island and experience a simpler, slower lifestyle, in rhythm with the sea and the tides, attuned to the natural world of bush and beach.  Come and explore a greater part of this magical island while living aboard the vessel Affinity.


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